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We stand for the two best things rooted in „optim-”

The optimization of processes and overall experience related to IT managed services, along with the ever-present need for optimization of costs.
Plus, the optimism we can instill into your organization by making all these happen fast and seamlessly.

Our mission is to make IT managed services friendlier and trustworthy.
Romanian start-up with the mission to change the mentality of the Romanian IT industry in terms of managed IT services, through the latest technology available, a friendly team and innovative reporting.

We are a tech savvy brand, on demand, customer focused.
IT managed services experience that offers access to complex up-to-date tech skills, efficient and transparent processes with a focus on results and cost optimization.

Brand values

Discover our brand values


Customer commitment

Customer-centric or customer-focused are nice things to say. The commitment comes with a proof: we basically work with and within your team.



The proof here lies in our transparency, openes and visible results through competence.



Yes, there’s a proof here as well. We already have the next techonology, tried and tested. And we continuously train to stay ahead, even ahead of the biggest market we work for – the US.

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Most common questions about our services

What really are IT managed services?

IT Managed Services, simply put, means allowing a specialized company to handle your IT needs. Of, course, there’s the more complex aspect of why would you do it, instead of having your own people, whom apparently you control better.

Here are some facts:

– In Romania (as in many other countries) building a strong IT department is a challenge. Keeping it in shape is a heavy burden.

A couple of reasons:

–Headhunting people for an IT department has become a headache. Why?
While talent is abundant, it is also eager to learn everything about everything. So a talented IT guy would much rather work for an IT company on various clients. Rather than feel stuck in a your organization learning about a single category.

Benefits of managed services?

– We provide results within agreed upon SLAs (Service Level Agreeement) - as low as 15 minutes
– We guarantee an experienced team of certified professionals that are constantly in the know regarding new technology enhancements
– You don't have to train an in-house team
– We provide pro-active work to enhance your IT infrastructure and get you in-line with new technologies
– We bring automation to your IT services so you don't have to worry about missed or overdue tasks
– We bring our vast knowledge base and procedures from working on large US and Europe based clients

Why not hire your own engineers?

– Increased cost
– You cannot hire experienced professionals for all the technologies
– You need to train and maintain your teams knowledge

What technologies?

– We cover a wide array of technologies: Office 365, Azure and AWS Cloud, Automation, Security software
– Our team of experts are experienced in implementing all the new technologies with our US clients, bringing the big game to small companies

Is it worth it for my company?

– Our services include end-user feedback reporting on every ticket
– Monthly reports regarding the re-active and pro-active IT services we provide
– We do pro-active work to enhance your IT infrastructure that usually requires a dedicated team or outside consultants