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We make sure your cloud resources are always optimized.

• Azure AWS Google Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Infrastructure: virtual machines and storage, virtual network and VPN connections, Load balancers and DNS services and many other services
• Azure AWS Google Cloud Platform as a Service Infrastructure: Database services, notification services, queuing services, storage services and many other
• Azure AWS Google Cloud Software as a Service Infrastructure: Web services, API services, Files Services and many other
• Patching layer: applying all vendor normal and emergency patches on Cloud Servers
• Active Directory Layer: user and computer management
• NOC – Network Operating Center: 24/7 eyes on glass services (*offered as a separate offering).

We provide active monitoring and remediation services, so you don’t have to worry about managing your server infrastructure. Our SLA’s will meet your needs: going from 15 minutes during Business Hours, all the way to 24/7 NOC .
Being Pro-Active is our core mindset. We will do a lot more than quickly responding to your needs. We are here to improve to constantly improve your infrastructure.

• Monthly server patching
• Change Management process implementation
• Resources balancing between on-prem and cloud solutions
• Build and manage a Cloud DR solution
• High-Availability: we help you upgrade to highly reliable cloud solution
• Trend Monitoring: we look for trends in all the reported issues to fix the root cause
• Root Cause Analysis: we deep dive into issues to make sure they don’t repeat
• Monthly reporting: so, you know all the time how we take care of your infrastructure