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Today’s IT is cloud centric with technologies like Office 365 leading the market for mail, file sharing and personal storage services. This approach helps increase the overall security and reliability of your IT Infrastructure, while constantly offering new features.
We make sure your users are always online. With Optimizor managed end-user infrastructure we will take care of your user so you can focus on your business.

Device management is also moving to the cloud with services like Microsoft Intune helping you gain control over your end-user devices. Features like: patch management, app deployment, Windows Auto-Pilot and device compliance greatly improve your ability to manage, maintain and troubleshoot your devices anywhere in the world.

Optimizor Managed Services will enable you to take full advantage of what modern Cloud Platforms have to offer, while at the same time decreasing your IT overhead.

With our Modern IT Managed Services package created for small and medium sized companies you can offer your end-user the latest technologies and access to a modern IT support team.

Our Managed Services model means you don’t have to worry about the wellbeing of your end users. We make sure all your systems are working as expected and stay up to date with the latest patches and versions. You get access to 3 levels of qualified support engineers and IT architects bringing our +15 years of IT experience to your company.

  • We help you migrate your mailboxes to Office 365 (up to 100 mailboxes)
  • We audit and optimize your O365 configuration – ensuring you follow the latest Microsoft best practices
  • We support your end-user throughout their user lifecycle: onboarding, operations and offboarding.
  • We help you implement Azure Active Directory integration
  • We help you setup end-user cloud password reset portal
  • We help you implement Multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access
  • We help you optimize your Group Policy infrastructure
  • We maintain and support your Active Directory and DNS infrastructure
  • We implement and maintain our state-of-the-art User Lifecycle automations*
  • We integrate with your HR process /platform in order to automatically create new users
  • We integrate with your HR process /platform in order to automatically manage end-user offboarding process while adhering to Microsoft best practices and Legal compliance requirements
  • We can implement O365 automation using Microsoft Flow for guest management, groups /distribution lists, document approvals, Holiday approval*
  • We help you migrate to Microsoft Intune device management
  • We create and manage device compliance, security, patching and configuration profiles
  • We manage all your basic end-user applications
  • We support your devices throughout their lifecycle: new device onboarding, maintenance, support and decommissioning.
  • We implement device patching processes to ensure your client devices are always up to date and protected
  • We help you implement an enterprise level anti-virus solution: Microsoft Enpoint-Protection or other*
  • We manage your endpoint anti-virus solution to ensure all devices are protected
  • We help you implement a secure DNS solution: Umbrella DNS*
  • We implement and maintain DNS rules to ensure your end users and devices are protected from malicious web attacks
  • We help you migrate your files to a modern Sharepoint file sharing solution *
  • We help you implement modern internal and external SharePoint websites
  • We help you migrate your end-user to OneDrive for business ensuring your data is always under your control
  • We manage your on-premise File Servers and Share Folder permissions
  • We support your end-users file access requirements.
  • We implement a modern IT ticketing systems for support monitoring. This package includes 50 tickets /months, so that your employees can contact our team each time they need technical support.
  • We implement a modern IT Documentation platform
  • We use mature IT procedures for your infrastructure
  • We implement a dedicated Change Management process
  • We implement a dedicated Business Continuity process
  • We implement a dedicated Data Governance policy
  • Monitoring layer: active monitoring and alerting as needed
  • Access to qualified and experienced Shared L1 support
  • Access to qualified and experienced Shared L2 support
  • Access to senior L3 and Architect level engineers
  • Dedicated SDM to ensure we always deliver above expectations
  • Access to self-service guides
  • Monitor our KPIs
  • Get reports to check our progress on the agreed projects

We provide active monitoring and remediation services, so you don’t have to worry about managing your end-user infrastructure. Our SLA’s will meet your needs: going from 15 minutes during Business Hours, all the way to 24/7 monitoring and intervention.
Being Pro-Active is our core mindset. We will do a lot more than quickly responding to your needs. We are here to improve to constantly improve your infrastructure.

• Monthly client OS patching;
• Change Management process implementation;
• Office 365 migration: we help you transition to a modern Cloud based solution (*user and email migration for up to 100 users );
• Azure Intune deployment: we help you implement or transition to Azure Intune for managing your end-user devices: both computers and mobile devices (* device migration for up to 100 devices);
• Software upgrades: part of monthly vendor patching or new software deployments;
• Trend Monitoring: we look for trends in all the reported issues to fix the root cause;
• Root Cause Analysis: we deep dive into issues to make sure they don’t repeat;
• Monthly reporting: so, you know all the time how we take care of your infrastructure.