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The IT Service Desk Team is the main point of contact between Optimizor and your employees. The IT Service Desk Team will manage any IT related issues raised by the users – we commit to deliver a high-quality service and respond in a timely manner.
Optimizor’s Service Desk Team is organized by following ITIL standards. The team is structured in 3 levels, depending on their previous experience, technical knowledge and seniority. They are managed by a Service Delivery Manager, whose main job is to ensure the overall quality and consistency of the services delivered to the assigned clients.

We want to ensure that our teams deliver the IT support services at the highest standards. This is why, our Service Delivery Managers (SDM) constantly monitor the teams agreed KPIs.
• Ticket pick-up time: Measures the time from the moment when you submit a ticket to Optimizor until one of our engineers assigns that ticket. Our objective is to assign any ticket in less than 30 minutes, within Business Hours.
• Average time to resolution: Tracks how long the users have to wait for the Optimizor’s teams to provide a resolution to their requests. For the past year, our Average time to resolution was less than 1 Business Day.
• Customer Satisfaction Score: Once we provide a resolution to a ticket, we kindly ask the user to fill in a short survey about our performance. Our average user feedback rating for 2021 was of 98.46%.

We believe in continuous improvement. This is why, in case a ticket does not meet our quality objectives, it will be carefully reviewed by the dedicated SDM. We will take actions to prevent any similar situations to happen again: this means we might create or update an internal procedure, provide additional training for our staff or invest in a new tool. We do all this because for us it is important to deliver high quality services that will keep our customers happy.

1. Your users can contact our support team by either sending us an email or by opening a ticket in the OPTI Platform.
2. Optimizor Support Team will receive your request in the ticketing system (currently, we work with JIRA, Manage Engine and FreshDesk).
3. In case we need additional information about the ticket, we will reach out by chat in Teams or we will call the requester at a convenient time.
4. If the ticket requires that one of our engineers connects remotely to the user’s laptop, we will do that by using Team Viewer.