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IT managed services, simply put, is when you let a specialised company handle your IT needs. Of, course, there’s the more complex aspect of why would you do it, instead of having your own people, whom apparently you control better.

Here are some facts: In Romania (as in many other countries) building a strong IT department is a challenge. Keeping it in shape is a heavy burden.
A couple of reasons:
Headhunting people for an IT department has become a headache. Why?
While talent is abundant, it is also eager to learn everything about everything. So a talented IT guy would much rather work for an IT company on various clients. Rather than feel stuck in a your organization learning about a single category.

A non-IT company (like yours, for instance) has to invest in trainings for keeping the IT guys up to date. While a specialised IT company covers the costs of training from the fees of several clients – so you and each other client pays a fraction of it.

Let’s say you are willing to pay for the salaries and trainings - great, we like when companies respect IT people. Even then there’s a strong possibility that, working on one category alone, people will lose their ability to innovate. While people in specialised companies, exposed to more stimuli and competing on several accounts, are likely to do the opposite.

So let’s recap:
We can optimize your costs with recruiting and training.
We can provide next level and next year’s solutions.
We can offer you top experts excited to work on your category and innovate, instead of routined luke-warm (and eventually disgruntled) employees.

IT managed services is not as complicated as it may sound. Just give it a try.

In today’s world, information technology (IT) is a fully integrated part of everyone’s life. Whether using a smartphone, withdrawing cash from an ATM, paying bills, or booking tickets on the Internet, IT is present in everything we do. It often plays a supporting role, so we don’t even think about what we are using until it stops working.

Now, more than ever, organisations need effective and efficient IT to survive. IT supports critical business processes that generate revenue, serve customers and allow business goals to be achieved.

IT is increasingly seen as a vital business enabler, and IT plans must be aligned to overall business models, strategies and plans.

Does managing your IT day to day activities seem like a burden to you? Do you feel it’s time consuming, complex and expensive? If so, you’re in the right place – we’re here to help. We can remotely manage your entire IT infrastructure. This means that your servers, hardware, cloud and applications are in the hands of the top experts in the field. In addition to this, our IT help desk team will support your employees to solve any IT request or incident that might appear.

Our promise is that you can rely on a stable IT environment, so that your company can focus on your core business.