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We manage IT infrastructures and optimise IT processes for both Fortune 100 and global industry leaders in the USA, UK and EU. With a 98.7% satisfaction rate, we’re excited to give time back to your team.


Discover how we helped City MD grow from 30 to 200 emergency clinics without growing their IT team.

Our long-term partnerships and our project-based solutions are trusted by USA’s Fortune 100 and global industry leaders alike. We’re proud of our 98.7% positive client feedback.


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Urgent Heathcare, USA

CityMD is the fastest-growing urgent care enterprise in the USA, expanding from 5 to over 160 clinics in just a few years through extreme IT efficiency. In addition to providing proactive and reactive managed IT solutions, we succeeded in creating a transparent, goal-aligned IT reporting system.

Using an Agile-based strategy inspired by software development, we enabled precise, decision-driving reports. This led to better IT budget allocation and stronger support for ongoing projects.

Nepi Rockcastle

Real Estate Giant, CEE

Nepi Rockcastle, a leader in CEE property investment with a $7 billion investment portfolio, faced a common IT problem: the burden of repetitive challenges hindering innovation.

Starting in our second year of providing IT managed services, we focused on automating recurring IT issues with tailored blueprints, ensuring each solution was specific yet efficient. This approach led to a significant achievement: no two consecutive quarters faced the same top IT issues, thereby freeing their workforce for more creative and strategic tasks


Traditional & InsureTech

Managing 60,000 employees, over 4,000 servers worldwide, and vast on-prem data puts a lot of stress on any IT team.

One of our biggest achievements with this Fortune 100 giant was the migration to Microsoft 365. From Multi-Factor Authentication to Data Governance and security automations, everything had to be built to scale and to withstand security threats and exhaustive audit requirements. The good news? The 6-month implementation was an absolute success.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Financial Services, RO, EU

Facing an outdated IT system that limited agility and business growth, our client needed a strategic overhaul.

We began with an in-depth analysis of their applications, ownership, significance, and IT resources, laying the groundwork for a transformed IT ecosystem. Leveraging SharePoint Online, we integrated it with current tools to create a dynamic IT health dashboard, guiding strategic decisions. This shift streamlined operations, reducing the workload from an 8 FTE task to a more efficient 6 FTE process.

Bittnet Group

IT Services, RO, EU

Bittnet Systems SA, a publicly-listed company with 12 brands and 400 employees, faced the challenge of adhering to strict data protection regulations while ensuring seamless collaboration.

Our MSFT 365 solution involved fine-tuning classifications, enhancing encryption, and refining access controls. Custom labels acted as data protectors, integrating smoothly into their workflows. This strategic implementation resulted in a robust security framework, reducing potential data leaks by an impressive 97%, making critical documents virtually impregnable.


Courier & Large Volume Ops

Manual hardware and mobile inventory, compounded by a pricey €25,000/year tool, had our client ensnared. Migrating to Excel offered no solace, nearly necessitating a dedicated full-time employee to oversee the activity.

Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint and a single Power Automate license to integrate existing tools, we created a system for automatic updates and data reconciliation. We succeeded in saving 320-400 labor hours annually and reducing costs to just a €250/year license fee and a one-time customization charge.

We manage IT infrastructures and optimise IT processes for both Fortune 100 and global industry leaders in the USA, UK and EU. With a 98.7% satisfaction rate, we’re excited to give time back to your team.